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"The Day After Roswell" - new book

From: (Jeff Miller)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 16:57:16 -0400
Subject: "The Day After Roswell" - new book

Art Bell read a press release this morning about a book coming out in
June called "The Day After Roswell."  I do not remember the author's
name, but he was a colonel who was supposedly involved in the handling
of the Roswell wreckage and later served (I believe) in Eisenhower's
administration in a rather important position (national security
council?).  I'm sorry I didn't write down the details, but do others
know about this, and is it a major breakthrough?  It sounded
significant to me this morning!  The press release implied there would
be an extraterrestrial explanation for Roswell.

Jeff Miller
New Port Richey FL

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