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The Nellis Surfboard

From: Chris Barrus 
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 97 00:31:13 -0800
Subject: The Nellis Surfboard

Every so often, I get email in response to the Groom Lake area photos
I've got up on the web.  Most of them are of the (what do you think is
there, etc.) variety.  Anyway, I got this one which was rather cryptic,
but rather interesting.


On 1/6/97 8:00 AM, Dodge Boy <> was rumored
to have said:

>I person that claims to have been to the restricted part of Nellis
>described an aircraft in an underground hanger that was shaped like a
>surf board with a tail similar to one on a surf board, very long thin
>wings, and the cock pit drops down in the front (similar to a F-4?, my
>thoughts)  Have you heard of anything like this?  The wing description
>would be consistant with high altitude flight.

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