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Ex-Spooks Control Domain Name Registration (Re: HACKER.TXT)

From: Phil 
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 07:54:31 -0800
Subject: Ex-Spooks Control Domain Name Registration (Re: HACKER.TXT)

Reading the attached message (re: the IP addresses mentioned in Streiber's
book) I was reminded of this little news tidbit.  It's been floating
around USENET for a long while, but many of you may not have seen it yet.

So, as long as we're discussing curious, "mysterious," or supposedly
non-existent IP addresses which nevertheless answer pings...
You should know who controls domain name registration these days.


The following was pulled off of Lexis-Nexis.


             PR Newswire, September 27, 1995


    The following was released today by Web Review:

The press recently reported that the National Science Foundation has turned
over  Internet  Domain Name registration to Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) of
Herndon, VA.  (An "Internet domain" is the basic address of a corporation or
organization, such as The press failed to note some interesting

   SEBASTOPOL, Calif, Sept. 27

Web Review, a biweekly online magazine on the World Wide Web (see Special
Report at, revealed today that NSI was purchased in May by
Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC) of San Diego.
SAIC is a $2 billion company indicted by the Justice Department on ten felony
counts for fraud in managing a Superfund toxic cleanup site (SAIC pleaded

SAIC has also been sued by the Justice Department for civil fraud on an F-15
fighter contract.

   PR Newswire, September 27, 1995

SAIC's board members include Admiral Bobby Inman, former NSA head and deputy
director of the CIA; Melvin Laird, Nixon's defense secretary; and retired
General Max Thurman, commander of the Panama Invasion.  Recently departed board
members include Robert Gates, former CIA director; William Perry, current
Secretary of Defense; and John Deutch, the current CIA director.  Current
SAIC government contracts include re-engineering information systems at the
Pentagon, automation of the FBI's computerized fingerprint identification
system, and building a national criminal history information system.

"At the very time the  Internet  community is struggling with the issues of
encryption and privacy, I'm more than a little uneasy to find this bunch of
ex-spooks sitting at the very entry point of the Net," says Jim Warren, a
leading activist in making government records accessible, in the article
written by investigative journalist Stephen Pizzo.  Pizzo is Web Review Senior
Editor and co-author of the book "Inside Job," an expose on the savings & loan

   Web Review is produced by Songline Studios, an affiliate of O'Reilly &
Associates. CONTACT: Dale Dougherty, president of Songline
Studios, 707-829-6500,; or Richard Coman, Managing Editor of
Web Review, 707-829-5600,

                        PR Newswire, September 27, 1995


LOAD-DATE: September 28, 1995

> --------------- MESSAGE area51.v096.n036.11 ---------------
> From: "A.J. Craddock" <>
> Subject: HACKER.TXT. Area 51 Computer addresses (nein!)
> Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 15:37:14 -0800
> I have been asked to elaborate on the supposed Area 51 computer IP
> addresses listed in HACKER.TXT

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