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Re: Report on Groom Lake flyby - VFR Conditions

Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 21:32:53 -0800
Subject: Re: Report on Groom Lake flyby - VFR Conditions

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Subj:    Re: re: AREA 51: Report on Gr...
Date:    97-01-15 00:24:47 EST
From:    MarkFarmer

We were under a VFR flight plan but under the control of the Nellis Range
Control in the MOAs near the eastern border of the area.  Our transponder
mode c was non-funtional and we were asked repeatedly for altitude info.
 After passing south of the Pharanagat Velley, NRC released us back to Nellis
AFB.  At the time of the flight, an Air Warrior exercise was being conducted.
 My pilot works for Southern Nevada's oldest air charter service and did not
want to countermand the NRC instructions.


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