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Nuclear Materials Transportation Section; Ft. Hood; etc.

From: "Thomas L. Anderson, Jr." 
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:54:38 -0800
Subject: Nuclear Materials Transportation Section; Ft. Hood; etc.

 Recently, both major newspapers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area published
 an Associated Press story from the midwest about the Department of
 Energy's secret nuclear materials transportation section.  They carried
 more information about this semi-secret section than I've seen since the
 made-for-TV movie "Time Bomb" which starred Billy Dee Williams, Merlin
 Olsen, and Morgan Fairchild.

 It seems one of the DOE's trucks carrying plutonium was involved in a
 wreck on a snow covered highway in the Nebraska or South Dakota area I
 believe.  The story mentioned how they DOE trucks travel only at night
 under armed convoy, utilize satellite tracking, Nellis AFB and the
 Nuclear Test Site, and the DOE's Albuquerque office at Kirtland AFB.

 Secondly, I had a recent conversation with a relative of mine who is
 retired from the FAA after working in several southwestern states.  I
 asked him about the term "Janet" and he had never heard of it used to
 describe government flights.  The relative (who shall go nameless)
 supervised several FAA "tower cabs", their term for control towers, in
 the southwest and at one time was the FAA/military liason at one of the
 FAA's regional offices.  His information has proven very reliable in the
 past when I was a reporter at several newspapers in the southwest.

 He has watched on radar some of the secret military flights, especially
 the SR-71 Blackbirds, who would frequently identify themselves as
 Cessna's, Beechcraft's, or Piper's, and would give ficticious tail
 numbers.  At the speed the aircraft were moving on radar "it wasn't no
 damn Cessna" he told me.  A lot of the other secret military flights FAA
 controllers watchedjust never identified themselves at all.  The FAA
 even had to divert civilian air traffic around the unidentified supposed
 military traffic.

 Most of the special government flights he dealt with identified
 themselves as "SAM's" or "Special Air Mission".  He has even controlled
 Air Force One's creoss country flights.

 He also has told me some interesting stories in the past, similar to the
 Wendover rumor, about secret government facilities.  One was an
 underground facility at Fort Hood, Texas where the Army once stored the
 "front half" of nuclear weapons at a facility in Central Texas.  He
 never was specific about what the "front half" was, but apparently many
 people who live around Fort Hood know about this former facility.
 Another part of the underground facility was large enough to house
 regiment to division size army units.  Since much of Fort Hood is open
 land and many state highways go through the "open post" he said you
 could drive up almost to this former underground facility.  It may have
 once been a secret, but it isn't now.

 I don't mind my name being used, since several current and retired FBI,
 U.S. Secret Service, DEA, FAA, FCC, and Customs people know me on a
 source to former newspaper reporter basis.  Besides group of FBI, ATF, FAA, etc.
 retired agents, etc. live in the neighborhoods around wife and Ianyway.

 Tom Anderson
 Bedford Texas.

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