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Re: Eglin Air Force Base

From: The Lurker 
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:07:56 -0800
Subject: Re: Eglin Air Force Base

At 07:14 PM 1/13/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 14:40:49 -0500 (EST)
>In dr36 you were talking about Eglin AFB and its relation to Area 51..  I
>live near Eglin and can tell you that most of Eglin's weapon test drops
>take place over its HUGE reservation in northwest FL

Not quite true, the land ranges form a part of Eglin's test ranges. The
Gulf of Mexico, however, is the biggest part of the test range.

>(At one time, Eglin was the largest air base by land area in the free
>world... it may still be)  However, if you haven't read _The Gulf Breeze
>Sightings_ (I haven't) my understanding is the gentleman who spotted flying
>saucers over the reservation had to move out of his house under mysterious
>circumstances and the new owner "found" a model saucer in the attic, but
>the new tenant was active duty USAF!!!

I kinda doubt that the new owner was active duty USAF. Gulf breeze is 40
miles from the nearest air base (Hurlburt). Here in Florida, there is
plenty of housing for USAF personnel a lot closer than Gulf Breeze. The
Navy base in Pensacola, however, is right across Escambia bay from Gulf
Breeze. The house in question is only a few blocks from there. At one time
there was a very active monitoring community devoted to hanging out at the
park on the water near there and watching for the UFO's. I attended a
couple of times but never saw anything (it might be that I didn't drink
enough beer, unlike the locals)

> However, planes taking off from
>Eglin's main runway take off over a state road, and Hurlburt Field's runway
>(the nearby Spec Ops base) ends within site of US 98. (As in the landing
>lights are on both sides of the highway...)

Very true....Quite disconcerting the first time an AC-130 Spectre gunship
comes in at over a hundred knots just over your head!

> Also, Eglin is a weapons test base, not a aircraft test base...

Again not quite true.....The ranges are used as much for weapons testing as
for training the 33rd TAC fighter wing (remember the bomb that killed 18
airmen at the Khobar Towers, same outfit!), and testing aircraft
performance. Eglin also hosts the Climatic Lab, used to test aircraft and
systems under extreme weather conditions. Recently they tested the B-2
here. I watched it come in and land (at night of course!).

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