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re:Warhead in truck accident

From: (Wayne Busse)
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 21:25:26 -0600
Subject: re:Warhead in truck accident

>Re: The Truck accident involving a warhead shipment:
>The DOE keeps a VERY close eye on every aspect of a
>Here is some background info for the readers:
>DOE has a system to monitor the movement of fissionable
>materials and warheads called the SECOM computer network.
>SECOM tracks and communicates will all TSD convoys
>(Transportation Safeguards Division) transporting nuclear
>and sensitive materials throughout CONUS.(that's Continental
>SECOM is to include Tactical Map Displays, a Law Enforcement
>Agency(LEA) database including lattitude/longitude, an
>airport database, and is being upgraded to monitor route adherence.
>This will provide the capability to notify SECOM operators when a
>vehicle or convoy deviates from the prescribed route.
>(LEA phone numbers are provided in STARBASE directories, but are not
>associated with lattitude/longitude)
>Along with using SECOM to monitor the secure movement of
>nuclear materials, the DOE can activate EG&G's NEST.
>EG&G/EM's Nuclear Emergency Search Team, provides specialized
>personnel and resources to search for, identify, assess, and disable
>any nuclear weapon directed against the United States for purposes
>of terrorism, coercion, or extortion.
>Public notification of movement of nuclear warheads is highly
>unlikely for security reasons.

Wayne Busse

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