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Alien-like image photographed at Lil'A'Le'Inn

From: "From S.F.,CA" 
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 18:19:30 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Alien-like image photographed at Lil'A'Le'Inn

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                  This may seem, to some, in the odd-ball category,  so be
prepared to
 laugh if you like, but  I have spent a number of nights in the motel section of
 the Inn at Rachel,  and  based on reports by my two different girlfriends who
 went along  with me, three years (to the day) apart, they feel or indicate
that they
 may have been abducted.

                  The recent episode also involved  a registered nurse and a
 Supervisor at a major hospital in L.A., in the second case, and she says
she saw a "blob of
 mist" coming up and out of the bed, and into the wall, that freaked her out
before going to

                  I decided to take photos of the room, since I had also
experienced being
"frozen"  or paralyzed during various times of the night when I wanted to
sit up and
 take random flash photos of the room in the dark, but couldn't.

                  An enlargement of one of the daytime photos shows an
alien-head image
 in the wall, with large almond eyes. You can argue, and some will, that
this image was
 already  in the wall-wood pattern before we got there, but  we'll never
know for sure.

                  The photo is on display now at the Museum, and  has also
been sent to

                  Try to see it before you ridicule it.

  Erik Beckjord

  UFO Museum,SF,CA.

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