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UFO captured on video in Tempe, AZ

From: (Tom King)
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 22:21:11 -0800
Subject: UFO captured on video in Tempe, AZ

For the third week in a row Mike DeVarennes has captured a UFO on videotape.
Nearly every weekend that Mike sits out on a skywatch in the beginning of
1997 he videotapes a UFO. Each time the video gets better than the last.
Keep in mind Mike shoots in a Low-8 videocamera at 8X power and the videos
are pretty good.

The latest video was shot today, Saturday Janunary 18, 1997 at 11:07 P.M. in
Tempe, Az.
It shows a "white dot" flashing on and off and turning into the "black
sphere" inbetween the flashes. The video lasts around 5 minutes long and has
4 witnesses on the audio who are watching it.

What will Mike DeVarennes shoot next week? Who knows but stay tuned as the
OVNI Capterhouse takes a close look at his new videos in the following weeks.

Tom King

OVNI Chapterhouse

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