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An AF Pilot Describes Eglin AFB

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 10:44:31 -0800
Subject: An AF Pilot Describes Eglin AFB

Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:26:20 +0000
From: A USAF Pilot [Withheld]
Subject: Re: Eglin AFB

Eglin is the largest AFB in the world. It covers two counties and has a
pretty large airstrip. The towns that line Eglin are Fort Walton Beach
and Destin. It is on the Chopahatchee bay. Santa Rosa Island is home to
the officer and enlisted beach clubs there at Eglin. The EOD School
which is currently in Indian Head, MD will be moved there by the year
2000. Here are the runway specs:

Runway 01-19

Length: 10,000 x 300 feet

Runway 12-30

Length: 12,000 x 300

ATIS:134.625 & 273.5

This is Eglins Auxilary runway


runway 18-36

Legnth: 8000 x 300

133.2 & 338.7

If you really want to look up a interesting military base it is Blossom
Point Proving Grounds. It is a Navy Research Labratory, In 1993 a Marine
Blackhawk helicopter was shot down over that facility. Rumor says there
is a Electromagnetic Weapon manned there. Autopsy photos revealed
uniforms were not burned but their skin was. The wreckage busted up into
over millions of peices over a 1 mile area. Military reports say it hit
the ground but what do you think? The facility is in a isolated area
away from nowhere. It is in Maryland in Charles County. PS It will be on
unsolved mysteries in February!

THATS Something for you guys to look into Blossom Point Proving Grounds.

[This correspondent also says: "I used to live on Eglin and there's
nothing there!  No UFO crap or anything."]

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