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AF Pilot UFO Sighting in Utah - More Info

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 13:46:19 -0800
Subject: AF Pilot UFO Sighting in Utah - More Info

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 11:59:07 -0800
From: [Withheld by Request]

> >I am an F-16 pilot in the USAF.  2 things.

> >2. One of my buddies in the squadron saw a UFO over the south part of
> >the Great Salt Lake 4 Nights ago.  Lotsa lights, etc.. etc.. It was
> >above a solid cloud desk and was illuminating the tip of a mountain
> >(roughly 2.5 sq miles) on Antelope Island with powerful lights.  THe tip
> >was the only portion of the island above the clouds.  The island is a
> >preserve for Bison.  It illuminated the tip for 14 to 20 seconds.
> >fizzled then accelerated immediately straight up (excessive
> >acceleration)  He described it as "The lights were shining on the tip of
> >the island like one of those things you see on star trek when the space
> >time continium rips open and lights come out.  It was f***ing freaky. "
> >
> >Another quote "I didnt believe in UFO's till last night.. Now I believe"

Something I forgot to mention, he was flying his F-16 on 7 mile final at
Hill at the time (around 7000 feet MSL) and his wingman corroborated his
story (2 miles behind him).  Both guys are Captains in the airforce and
don't make stuff up, unless of course it is about women/bars/scoring
etc.  Then we all know its a lie.  He thought initially it was a 747
turning final at Salt lake, then maybe a helicopter searching for
something (it was actually higher than him around 14000 feet MSL), but
Altitude/position/strange movement/high intensity lights/ flying away
at increcdible speed led him to believe that it was definitely not any
flying machine that we or he has ever heard of.  Definitely unidentified
flying and an object.  Have it on good account that  Hill AFB had
all the Security Police teams (11 total) put on alert at the same time
for "an unusual light occurance in the vicinity."

Go Figure.

A woman at Tooele (The town near the depot where the DOD destroys
chems) saw "lights" and reported it to the paper and was told by the
U.S. Air Force that it was a "rocket test" at our restricted area in
northern Utah.  Officially I go along with this story.  I am glad we
have "rockets" such as the one my bud described because that means we
have nothing to fear from any foreign governments.  We are ahead in the
technology race.  I am happy.  I am glad I am an American.

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