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Minor Miscellanea: Eglin Cold Hangar, Machrihanish

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 14:39:25 -0800
Subject: Minor Miscellanea: Eglin Cold Hangar, Machrihanish


Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 21:51:14 -0800
To: (Wayne Busse)
From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Subject: Re: Eglin Test Hangar

>In passing recently, a friend of mine mentioned he had worked at Eglin AFB,
>and told me they had a hangar they could chill down to below zero F.
>He said it was really wierd having such a large,cold building in 90F heat.
>I hadn't thought anymore about it until your Eglin post.
>Will see what more info is available.

In fact, that was one of the pictures we saw at the DVIC Photo Archives:
A B-1 bomber draped with ice in a hangar.




Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 09:52:34 -0800
From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Subject: Re: Machrihinish - Scottish base

>Does anyone have any information about this USAF base on the Mull of Kintyre
>(yes, the real one !). It has been there since 1940 and seems to be
>frequently mentioned in "black" correspondence and various press reports of
>this nature.
>Any ideas ?

I looked into it a little a few years ago.  I think the base is now

I have detailed topo maps of the area, and it is not as remote as it seems.

The base is next to a public golf course!

IMHO, the most it might have been is an emergency landing strip for black



Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 21:37:38 +0000
From: Ben King <>
Subject: Area 52??

With all this intrest in Area 51 / Groom Lake. Don't you think
that the US Miltary would have moved any "intresting" activities
else were?? I think that rather than hunting for UFOs at Area 51,
shouldn't we be looking for where they might have moved them??

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