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Down Under Area 51?

From: Dennis Lapcewich 
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:23:04 +0900
Subject: Down Under Area 51?


The Channel Ten network in Australia is running promos for a special this
Thursday night on conspiracies, Area 51, and Pine Gap.  The promos are
heavy with speculation that Pine Gap (near Alice Springs, in the Northern
Territory) is the new hidden spot for storing Area 51 materials.  We'll let
you know.

(Aside - Area 51 may be remote by normal standards; Pine Gap invented the
word remote!)

BTW, Channel Ten is the ufo network here in Australia - they regularly put
on such tv shows.  Either they are open to such threads or the network
execs are having a good laugh at the expense of believers.

Then again, if it ain't sports, nothing else is important.


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