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Area 51 segment on Australian 'Conspiracy' show

From: "David Robinson" 
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 06:43:19 -0800
Subject: Area 51 segment on Australian 'Conspiracy' show

Yesterday (Thursday, 23 January) Channel Ten in Australia aired an
Australian  documentary called "Conspiracy".  The first segment of this
program was about Bob Lazar, Area 51, S-4 and UFO sightings around Rachel.

Glenn featured in the documentary as well.  He showed the film crew White
Sides Mountain and also showed them how to disable the sensors around Area

George Knapp and John Lear were also interviewed.  Bob Lazar said that any
UFO testing at Area 51 would have ceased years ago and may have moved to
the South Pacific region.  George Knapp then said that Pine Gap in
Australia would be a likely place.  The narrator added that there were also
two other secret bases in Australia at Narrungar and North West Cape run by
the US.  Pine Gap has been shrouded in secrecy since it was built in the
sixties.  It is protected by a no flight zone and is in the middle of the
desert near Alice Springs.  Officially the base is an experimental space
resarch station.  Why then, is it being run by the CIA?

Being Australian I am very interested in this base and the two others.
When Gough Whitlam tried to shut down this base in the 70s, he was promptly
thrown out of government by the Governor General.  Many people believe that
the Governor General was influenced by the US.

If anybody has any information on Pine Gap or the other two installations
and its connections with Area 51 and secret aircraft or spacecraft, could
you e-mail it to me.

Ricky Robinson

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