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Eglin's Cold Hanger

From: "Nancy & J.C. Winn" 
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 16:17:07 -0600
Subject: Eglin's Cold Hanger


I'm currently stationed at Eglin in the 33rd F.W.and have been for the
past 5 years now. I've seen all the talk on the "cold hanger".It is a
Climatic lab that test climate conditions on aircraft,both cold and heat
Nothing too suspicious seeing its been under construction for the past
couple of years.Yes the B-2 was tested in it.Yes it flew in at night.But
it was no secret that it was here. It was pulled out several times for
the media to see it and when it was done with testing,flew out in the
broad daylight.No mystery there.


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