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Area 51 FOIA request

From: "Robet A. DeFranco" 
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 22:35:22 -0500
Subject: Area 51 FOIA request

There has recently been sent to HQAF an FOIA request regarding what
military units, civilian research/mfg groups are stationed at Groom
Lake, Papoos Lake and Area 51 in general.  Once a meaningful reply is
received, it will be posted here.

Hopefully, others out there will take advantage of the the FOIA and the
new (1995) Presidential Decision Directive 29 and Executive Order 12958,
and deluge the USAF with requests regarding the release of info on A51.
Those with the courage to do so should report their replies here.

We'll be back.

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