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Re: Tour Itinerary: Vegas, Grand Canyon, Zion, Death

From: Dennis Lapcewich 
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 16:59:27 +0900
Subject: Re: Tour Itinerary: Vegas, Grand Canyon, Zion, Death

At 08:48 AM 1/27/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Charles Hurst (HurstCR@MASPO3.MAS.YALE.EDU) writes about his upcoming
>visit to the southwest:
>>My latest thought (you can tell how crazed I am to get away from the
>>northeast and have a vacation) is to try to see BOTH Grand Canyon and Death
>>Valley.  I would love to spend my whole time exploring around the desert in
>>Death Valley area, but think it might be a bit much to ask of my 9 year
>>He'll be apprehensive enough (never having flown before, or been to the
>>desert, etc.).  He has visions that if the rattledsnakes and scorpions
>>kill you, then some crazed person with a gun will.  I started to point out
>>to him about all the shootings here in New Haven, but decided perhaps I
>>should not emphasize that too strongly!
>>Soooooo, do you think this itinerary is realistic?

>My suggested itinerary is this...
<snip again>

>-- Wednesday: Leisurely drive north of the canyon to Zion National Park.
>Spend a few hours there.  Then on to Mesquite, NV, for the night, ($20 at
>the Virgin River Casino.)  There are plenty of side attractions along this
>route, but Bryce Canyon is supposed to be less interesting (never been
>there myself).

Been to all three myself.  The Grand is just a big hole in the ground,
although the top end around from south to north as you cross the Colorado
is pretty neat.  Personal preference is the North Rim.   Zion is a sight to
see - if you can, take a hike up the Virgin River.   I remember standing in
the river, arms out-stretched to touch the opposite walls going 1,500 feet
straight up.  (Then again, this was a few years back and the city hordes
probably insisted on a four-lane through it by now - complete with a Maca
rest area - just kidding!  :) .)

Bryce is best in winter (cold, clear day with snow on the ground) or after
a summer rain.  The colors are magnificent.  Personal favorite.

Don't flame me on this one folks, but Edward Abbey's books on the southwest
really do help as far as the travelogue is concerned.  The names escape me,
but I'm sure someone else on this list can help.  If Abbey's (political)
commentary is not to your liking, skip it.  The geographical and nature
stuff is worth the price.

And, if you don't have time to take it all in, don't worry.  You'll be
back.  You WILL be back.  Trust me.  Would I lie to you?


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