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Next Vandenberg Missile Launch Jan. 29

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 20:35:17 -0800
Subject: Next Vandenberg Missile Launch Jan. 29

From: [Withheld by request]
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 13:03:00
Subject: Another Missle Test

Another find on the WUN Web page. Here's advance warning on the next
Vandenberg Launch.


January 29th Vandenberg Launch

The Air Force will attempt to launch an unarmed Minuteman III strategic
missile this Wednesday from Vandenberg AFB. Launch is scheduled for 00:01
PST from a silo at north Vandenberg (the launch window runs from 00:01 to
06:01 PST). Immediately after launch the vehicle will head west, follow a
ballistic trajectory, and send its payload to an impact area near Kwajalein
Island in the central Pacific.

The missile was originally based in a 321st Missile Group silo at Grand
Forks AFB, North Dakota. Maintenance personnel and a combat launch crew
from the 321st were recently brought to Vandenberg to perform an actual
launch. The launch will be used to evaluate the reliability of the Minute-
man III weapons system.

Weather permitting, the launch should be visible as far away as Las Vegas,
San Francisco, and nothern Baja California.

This launch is expected to occur as scheduled. Current launch status can be
obtained from the Vandenberg Launch Update Line at 805-734-8232 ext. 61857.

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