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Blossom Point - Marine One Helicopter Crash

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 20:49:34 -0500
Subject: Blossom Point - Marine One Helicopter Crash

I have more information in reference to the Blossom Point - Marine One
helicopter incident.  The Unsolved Mysteries episode will air 14 Feb.

The following is a copy of a letter my department received after the 19 May
93 Helicopter incident near Blossom Point, MD.

                         United States Marine Corps
                         Marine Helicopter Squadron One
                         Marine Corps Air Facility
                         2102 Rowel Road
                         Quantico, Virginia 22134-5064

                                                        IN REPLY REFER TO
                                                        10 Jun 93

Charles County Sheriff Department
P. O. Box 1890
La Plata, maryland 20646

The Marines of Marine Helicopter Squadron One owe the Charles County Sherif
Department a great debt of appreciation.  Your professionalism and
cooperation during the period following the 19 May aircraft mishap made a
particularly difficult situation as painless as possible for all concerned.
The magnitude of your assistance to the squadron was remarkable and would
take volumes to document.  A representative sample of the help you provided
is as follows:

	Over the three days following the mishap, your department provided key
assets that allowed our Aircraft Mishap Board to conduct an unhampered
investigation at the site and our salvage crews to remove the wreckage in an
expeditious manner.  Allowing us full use of your command post enabled us to
communicate timely and accurate information to the squadron at Quantico.
This was critical both for the mishap investigation effort and for the
notification of the next of kin.  Your understanding of our need to secure
the mishap site from the press and local populace prevented unnecessary
release of sensitive and potentially damaging information.  The photographs
taken by your crime lab technician were very helpful in piecing together
data, and critical to the investigation effort.

We understand that there are members of your department who contributed in
ways not mentioned above nor even imaginable by us, and to those we also
give our sincere appreciation.  There is a special feeling among many of us
in the squadron that there will always be a part of us across the Potomac in
your department and in the people of Charles County.  Again, our heartfelt
thanks to the men and women of the Charles County Sheriff Department.

						For the Marines of HMX-1,
						E. R. LANGSTON, JR.
						Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

(Officers names omitted due to volume)

The military maintains that 2 Load Demand Spindle (LDS) pins were installed
incorrectly and that is the reason the aircraft went down.  It turns out
however, that the pins were installed 3 weeks prior to the accident and the
aircraft had flown several times between.

An independent investigation led by Frank Owens, a local archeologist who
happened to be working near the crash when the aircraft went down, seems to
believe that the aircraft went down as a result of an EMP weapon based at
the Blossom Point facility.

The military states it does not operate an EMP device at the facility nor
does it intend to.  However, a similar facility run by a company called
Harry Diamond in Woodbridge, Virginia was shut down in 1989 due to
environmental concerns about EMP testing.  When the military began looking
for a new place to continue its testing, Blossom Point was at the top of the
list.  The facility at Blossom Point is also run by Harry Diamond -- a
strange coincidence.

These are just some of the points brought up by Mr. Owens in his
investigation.  I will soon be in contact with him to discuss putting his
findings on the Internet.

I have copies of all 4 of the articles run in the local press here.  If
enough people are interested, I can transcribe them and post them to the
news group as well.

The Articles ran as follows:

"NBC show will probe 1993 crash of helicopter" Maryland Independent 10 Jan 97

"Magnetic pulse testing never done at Blossom Point, states military" La
Plata - Indian Head Ledger 8 Feb 95

"Brother seeks answers in pilot's 1993 death"  La Plata - Indian Head Ledger
8 Feb 95

"Looking for clues - Local man asks for Congressional investigation into
1993 helicopter crash in nanjemoy"  La Plata - Indian Head Ledger 1 Feb 95

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