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Nuclear Weapons Transport Trucks

From: Aquaman-Kerry Pate 
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 16:41:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Nuclear Weapons Transport Trucks

I recall a similar situation to the one mentioned in
a previous message regarding mysterious armor plated
trucks with armed escorts.  As a military veteran I
had heard of such transports of nuclear warheads and
recall travelling over 1-10 W from Jacksonville in 1989 and
seeing an Armor Plated Trailer and Rig with two
tinted windowed chevy blazers (one in front-one in rear)
all 3 equipped with a GPS tracker on the side.  As we
passed one of the suburban's I could see (not too
easily) a rack of M-16's and some rather large
men (4 to a truck) inside.  One of my passengers
(long time friend) was a (then) federal agent and
when I slowed down to take a closer look, he got
very nervous and told me to get out of there.
He later explained that the only time you saw
those types of transports was for:

1) large Federal Reserve cash transfers
2) nuclear weapons transport

He also explained that they were authorized to
use "deadly force" at all times.  So needless
to say acting suspiciously around these vehicles
is not in your best interest.

I later worked on a DOE funded project and
found out that this was SOP for weapons grade
nuclear material/warhead shipments.

Gives me the willies to think what would have
happened if I had lingered around too long.


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