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Billy Cooper

From: James R Graham 
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 16:53:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Billy Cooper

For fear of legal action, I will not call Mr. Cooper boorish, impolite, or
paranoid and will hereby declare that the following may not be entirely
correct and is put forth in the interest of public discussion and is in no
way, shape, or form intended to be an attack on the above mentioned
individual. If I am incorrect, by all means correct me.

All I know about him is from some of his writings and from previous email
outbursts of his. Apparently, he was in the military in some capacity that
gave him access to various breifing documents concerning USG involvement
in alien contact. I believe he mentioned a Project Majority that among
other things had Kennedy assasinated because he was going to annouce to
the world that we had made contact with ETs. He also goes on to say that
the US is riddled with underground alien bases and that the USG had
unsuccessfully attempted to destroy some of these. One in particular is
in Dulce, NM and is called 'Nightmare Hall' and is the sight of hideous
genetic experiments. He goes on to describe some weapons systems that the
US developed to combat the aliens--the only one I remember is the
Excalibur missile, which would be shot into the ground where it would
penetrate the alien base and then explode.

Another aspect of Mr. Cooper's story is that the whole alien thing is
really a government conspiracy--make it appear to the world that the
aliens exist and are hostile and use that to unite the world under one
government (ours, of course). I have not figured out how he can on one
hand say the aliens are real and on the other say they are not, but
perhaps that is just short-sightedness on my part.

I welcome corrections if any of what I have said is untrue or
misunderstood on my part.


James R. Graham
Senior Assoc. Scientist
Genetics Institute
Research Computing

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