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Bill Cooper: A Call for Links [2 msgs]

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 18:29:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Bill Cooper: A Call for Links [2 msgs]

Bill Cooper is a fascinating character and certainly deserves more
attention in our files.  Whatever the conspiracy-de-jour may be,
Bill is out there at the forefront.  When the Lazar story hit, he
arrived instantly, claiming to have the definitive UFO document,
"remembered" from his service as a Navy midshipman.  As I
understand Cooper's claims (which are less than coherent), the
flying saucers were a secret weapon first invented by the Nazis
during WWII.  The "One World Government" at Area 51 plans to use
these craft to stage a mock alien invasion.  The percieved alien
threat will draw humanity together and give the government the
excuse to take away our guns and the rest of our God-given rights.
Everything from the JFK assassination to New World Order finds
its way into Cooper's work, even in the alleged government
documents he peddles -- which seem to explain _everything_.

Later, when the militia movements began to thrive, Cooper
hopped on that bandwagon, too.  Like a savvy TV evangelist,
he is always ready to tell people what they want to hear.  If
you question him, he responds with tough-guy
cliches and broad threats to sue (which. to my knowledge, he
has never carried through with).

What is amazing to me is that no matter how many times he
is caught telling lies and his specific claims are debunked, he
keeps coming back with new ones -- and his followers seem to
buy it. He certainly doesn't cater to intellectuals.  I've met a number
of Cooper followers, including Joe Travis at the Little A'Le'Inn.
In general, they are disenfrancised white males, lovers of guns
and the martial arts, bashers of Clinton, gays and "inferior
races", with no more than a high school education
and deep suspicion of all forms of authority. Like the master
himself, Cooper's followers are well-armed and are inclined to
violent threats. As a legal force, Cooper and his followers
are laughable, spouting pseudo legalese supposedly based on
the Constitution but never providing any direct legal citations.
As a physical threat, however, they must be taken seriously.

Last I knew, Cooper was working out of an unmarked storefront
in St. Johns, Arizona, selling services to his followers.  (Located in
a former drugstore downtown -- at least when I passed through in
mid-1995.)  The windows were blacked out; I couldn't see inside,
and given the paranoia of the era, I didn't care to knock on the door.
Show Low, AZ, a few miles away was apparently Cooper's place
of residence.

Bill is an institution, and like other national treasures, his work
needs to be chronicled and preserved.  There are a LOT of documents
by and about Cooper on the web.  If someone has the inclination, I
encourage them to search the net for interesting Cooper documents
and add them to our Cooper link page at

[The new link system, available on most of our Ufomind pages,
is easy to use, and we encourage user additions.  The system
supports many different kinds of links, including events, places
and print references.  Most of our pages are now moving toward
this format.]

Glenn Campbell


Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1988 04:38:30 -0800
From: "Randall J. Stachelrodt" <>
Subject: He can't be Bill Cooper!

I checked out Billy's web page --  -- and it said the

"There is nothing written by William Cooper that has been posted to any
bulletin board, news group, data base, etc on the internet"

Therefore this person claiming to be Bill Cooper isn't very familiar
with Bill Cooper.  Why would  he ask you to remove something that he
says isn't there?  Maybe he just forgot

Randy Stachelrodt

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