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1994 Sat. photo?

From: "James R. Graham" 
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 97 14:36:41 -0400
Subject: 1994 Sat. photo?

Howdy all,

I was browsing the alt.conspiracy.area51 and found this reference to a
supposed 1994 sat photo of the base:

My 'analysis' puts it at at least 1988. Does anyone know more about this?
Note: my 'analysis' was simply comparing it to the Russian 1988 photo in
the March 1994 issue of Popular Science. The Russian photo is of much
higher quality. They are different as judged by sun and shadows.

I annotated the photo and will give the URL to interested folks.


James R. Graham
Senior Assoc. Scientist
Genetics Institute
Research Computing

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