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TLC shows

From: "James R. Graham" 
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 97 21:56:35 -0400
Subject: TLC shows

Hi all,

Last night (3/2/97) the Learning Channel had on two interesting shows.
The first was 'Future Fantastic' hosted by Gillian Anderson which was
about aliens, etc. and had a portion on our favorite area featuring none
other than our very own Glenn Campbell. One compelling quote
(OK--paraphrase) was that Glenn said that since he moved out to NV he
became convinced that the USG could keep secrets as monumentous as alien
contact (or as prosaic as stealth technology) with all the hidden valleys
and nooks and crannies in the landscape...pardon me if I mis-paraphrase.
They even had a slim Bob Lazar strutting across the desert landscape
toward the camera as an intro to his segment. Then they went into the
usual speil about how the aliens could traverse the vast interstellar
distances...blah, blah, blah...they did have some cool video of the base
from a distance.

The second show had a segment on a new documentary film called, "Trinty
and Beyond" or something similar. Apparently, the director spend three
years restoring military films of nuclear detonations. The results are
phenomenal--I can't wait 'til it comes to a theatre near me.


PS Today I received my posters of the Area51 Research Center's new
satellite photo. And I must say it is really, REALLY cool! Everyone on
this list should have one and at the price ($5), it is a steal. Check it
out at:

James R. Graham
Senior Assoc. Scientist
Genetics Institute
Research Computing

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