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How to get to the Project Faultless site

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 08:41:46 -0800
Subject: How to get to the Project Faultless site

> I plan to visit Basecamp and the surrounding area in 2 or 3 weeks.
> Can anyone tell me if they've been to the Faultless site?
> Specifically, to Ground Zero?  Is it easy to find?  Can you help me?

Project Faultless was the site of a very large underground nuclear
test, in 1968 as I recall.  It was the only test conducted in the
Central Nevada Test Facility, which is now public land.  You can visit
Ground Zero without restriction.  There you will find a shallow
crater and a concrete plug sticking out of the ground.  There is no
danget of radiation, since the

According to my Area 51 Viewer's Guide, the site is about 90 road miles
from Rachel.  From Warm Springs (Junction of 375 and US-6, go about
25 miles northeast to milepoint 76.5.  A sign here says "Moore's Station."
Follow this road 12.5 miles until you reach a stop sign. Keep going
straight about 1.4 miles until the road ends at a perpendicular road.
You are now very close to the site. Go right for a few hundred yards,
then left at the first opportunity.

Cars can probably make it to within walking distance of the site,
but be very careful about getting stuck in the sand.

For info on Basecamp, see
Watch out for trolls!

Moore's Station, an abandonned ranch, is worth visiting while in
the area.  You would have got there by turning right at the stop
sign mentioned above and going about 5 miles.


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