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Report on Rael Press Conference in Las Vegas, 3/11/97

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 21:38:22 -0800
Subject: Report on Rael Press Conference in Las Vegas, 3/11/97

I attended a press conference today with "Rael," the leader and
prophet of the Raelian religious movement, who was announcing his
plans to build an "embassy" in Jerusalem for the alien race he has
been in contact with.

Rael, whose given name is Claude Vorilhon, is a former French
journalist who says he was contacted by aliens in 1973 and 1975.  They
convinced him to become the messenger for their cause and gave him the
name "Rael".

My previous information on the Raelian movement came from a report on
the "Now It Can Be Told" TV magazine, aired Apr. 2, 1992.  At the
time, the symbol used by the group was a swastika inside a Star of
David -- the obvious source of some controversy. According to Rael
interviewed on the program, the symbol was meant to represent the
group's all-inclusive love. The Raelians were dressed in white,
meditated often and seemed to have liberal attitudes toward sex -- the
more the better.

Now Rael himself stood before me, dressed in a white outfit with a
medallion around his neck, speaking about his past alien encounters
and his plans for the future.

The press conference took place in a meeting room at the Flamingo
Hilton in Las Vegas.  There were about 20 people in the room total,
with only three obvious members of the mainstream press: two people
from the BBC planning a UFO TV series and a reporter from the Orange
County Register.  Four or five people seemed to be local
representatives of the Raelian movement, also dressed in white.  The
others in the room asked no questions, and I could not discern their

The press conference lasted about an hour and a quarter.  Rael
described his alien contacts, and a large model of the proposed
embassy was revealed.  Rael then took questions, which were mostly
asked by the Orange County Register reporter in the front row.  (In my
opinion, he was emitting far too much negative energy, but Rael
remained calm and courteous.)

Rael's demeanor could be described as "peaceful" or "saintly".  He
spoke with a French accent and occasionally seems to grope for words
or mispronounce them. (Some of his mispronunciations seem to me to be
strategically placed, as though he was using them to relax the room
and give people an opportunity to correct him.

He said the aliens would come back to earth only when we learned to
shed our warlike ways, which we now seem to be doing. Although Rael
talked a lot about meditation and love, he also provided a lot of
specific facts and claims.  Here are my notes on them in random order:

-- Rael has had two encounters with aliens, in 1973 and 1975.  The
aliens spoke to him in person by verbal means. All of the information
he has about them came from these meetings, and he has not spoken with
them since.

-- He calls the aliens the "Elohim", and he says that they created us
in their own image.

-- Rael, born out of wedlock, claims to be the son of an alien.  He
says his mother was abducted by them on Dec. 25, 1945 (yes, Christmas
day) and impregnated.  His mother does not remember the incident,
since the aliens wiped her memory clean, and she believed one of her
boyfriends made her pregnant. (Rael did not say whether his mother
still believes this.)

-- Jesus was also the son of an alien.  When Jesus died and was
resurrected three days later, the new Jesus was actually a clone of
the original one.

-- Rael spoke about cloning several times and referred to the recent
case of the sheep "Dolly" being cloned.  Rael says he is forming a
company called "Clonaid" to promote human cloning in countries where
it is legal.  He also says that he will provide funding to any
American company whose federal funding is cut due to President
Clinton's recent order banning funds for human cloning.

-- Rael was formerly a journalist for "Racing Car Magazine" in France.
His passion was race cars, and I think he also said he was a pilot.
When asked by the reporter he did provide his given name.

-- His first alien encounter was on Dec. 13, 1973, at Clermont-
Ferrand, near Lyon, France.  He was driving to work when he felt
compelled to turn toward a volcano 10 kilometers from the city. (His
book says the volcano's name is Puy-de-la-Sola, which my Michelin
atlas shows it about southwest of Clermont in the Regional Volcanic
Park.) While he was in the crater of the volcano a bell-shaped
metallic craft approached him in the fog.  It was about 7 meters high.
Initially, it was about 100 meters off the ground, but it closed to
within 30 meters of him and about 2 meters off the ground.  A trap
door then opened in the craft a stairway descended.  A single being
then approached him, a small humanoid with large almond-shaped eyes.
(When speaking, Rael held his fingers in a circle around his own eyes
to show the configuration, apparently indicating a classic "gray" type
alien.)  The alien took him into his ship, where there were two chairs
but no obvious controls.  As a race car driver interested in
technology, Rael was somewhat disappointed with this.  Rael and the
alien sat in the chairs and talked.

-- Rael met with the alien on six separate days for an hour each time.

-- Rael's only other communication with the Elohim was on Oct. 7,
1975.  On that occasion, he spent 24 hours with the alien or aliens.
(I did not get the details.)

-- All communication between Rael and the Elohim was verbal (not
psychic).  I asked Rael about this twice to be sure: All communication
Rael has had with Elohim was in-person verbal communication. (I didn't
ask what language the communication took place in. French I suppose.)
This means that all of Rael's writings about the Elohim are based on a
total of 30 hours of communication with them.

-- This was Rael's first American press conference regarding his
proposed Raelian embassy in Jerusalem.

-- He acknowledged that the main difficulty with his project was to
get the Israeli government to agree with it.  He expected no funding
from the Israeli government, but he did expect them to acknowledge
this as a "real embassy" and grant it the same privileges of others
The embassy had to have "extraterritoriality", where the Israeli
government could not arrest diplomats inside.  It also had to have a
"demilitarized airspace" overhead so the Elohim spaceship could land.
The plans were somewhat flexible, however. Rael said the embassy did
not have to be located in Jerusalem itself, but could be in the desert
near Jerusalem.  The Embassy would require a certain amount of land,
however: 1 kilometer in radius.

-- A big model of the proposed compound was unveiled.  The model was
about 12-15 feet long and was displayed in a plexiglas case.  Rael
pointed out that the floor plan resembled certain crop circle
formations.  I wouldn't have noticed this until he mentioned it, but
it was true: It was a series of circles connected together on a
straight line (like this: =oO=o=O=o).  Rael said the design was given
to him in his 1975 meeting with the Elohim.  Inside the compound there
would be housing for the aliens, meeting room, reception room, dining
room, conference room and a landing platform for the alien craft.
There was also a swimming pool. Rael estimated that the embassy would
cost $20 million. He said that funding was not a problem, but that the
permission of the Israeli government would be difficult.

-- The embassy has to be built by the year 2035, and apparently the
aliens will not come to earth until there is an embassy ready to
receive them.  Rael said that he himself will not see the aliens again
until this time. The reporter asked what would happen if the embassy
was not built by the deadlin, and Rael said he didn't know.

-- The choice of Jerusalem was made by the aliens, because this was
the site of one of the 7 laboratories on earth where the aliens
created mankind.  The aliens look a lot like us and come in seven
races.  Likewise they created 7 races of mankind in those 7
laboratories.  Rael mentioned "white," "black" and "yellow" as three
of the races.

-- The group's symbol appears in a three-inch medallion worn by Rael
and the other people in white.  According to an insert in Rael's book,
the new symbol "has been in effect since the beginning of April 1992"
-- which I note is the same time as the "Now It Can Be Told" Report.
The swastika in the middle of the Star of David has become stylized so
that it is not longer recognizable as a swastika. The change was made
"with the Elohim's consent," which is strange, since Rael claims no
contact with them since 1975. This also leave a bit of inconsistency,
since the emblem appeared on the side of the Elohim ship when they
first contacted Rael in 1973. According to the insert, "It goes
without saying that the original symbol seen on the Elohim's spaceship
will remain the emblem of the Elohim.  It will be seen on their
spaceship when we welcome their official arrival."

In other words, the swastika will appear inside the Star of David when
the Elohim ship lands at the planned Embassy in Jerusalem. (I'm no
diplomat, but I can't help but wonder how this will go over with the
Israeli government.) Rael talked about the symbol at length and says
it is a "symbol of infinity."  He said the "Tibetan Book of the Dead"
has the same symbol in it.

-- When asked about what approaches the Raelians have made to the
Israeli government, Rael said that about 10 letters have been written
to the Israelis in the past 23 years.  The Israelis have responded
courteously, but they have not granted permission for the embassy.

-- Rael says that Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and other great prophets were
all the sons of aliens, as Rael himself is.  The great flood mentioned
in the Bible was actually orchestrated by the Elohim in an attempt to
wipe the slate clean and start over with humanity.  Rael said that
Noah's Arc actually flew above the sea, not in it, and it contained
all the genetic material for all animals on earth, not the actual
animals. Rael explained that if you had put the actual animals in the
arc, they would have eaten each other.

-- In the Raelian movement, there is a hierarchy of bishops and
priests, with Rael himself at the top of the structure.  Rael is
called the "Guide of Guides", and he is elected to that position,
apparently by followers or a ruling council, for a 7-year term.  His
current term expires next year.

-- The Raelian movement emphasizes "sensual meditation."  When asked
if this meant "sexual" meditation, Rael said no, although sex can be a
part of it.  The meditation is sensual in that the attempt is to open
up all of ones senses to the world.

-- The Elohim are capable of faster-than-light travel.  They live on
two planets outside this solar system but within this galaxy.  Rael
says he does not know where these planets are located.

-- The Elohim look like us, although their features are somewhat
oriental due to the homogenization of their races over the centuries.
(This seems to conflict with the description of the "7 races" and the
being with large almond-shaped eyes Rael met in 1973.)

-- Rael emphasizes that the Elohim are not supernatural, although
their technology is far in advance of ours.

-- Rael says his book, "The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials"
has been printed in 24 languages and has sold over 1 million copies.

-- Rael says the Raelian movement has 35,000 members worldwide in 84
countries.  The majority are in France, followed by Japan and Canada.

-- Rael says he is not paid by the Raelian movement, and none of the
other leaders are either.  All of his income comes from sales of his
books and from a wealthy benefactor.

-- Rael emphasized that his group is not a "cult".  A cult tries to
separate its members from society, whereas his group encourages people
to be integrated with society.

-- When asked about his white clothes, Rael says it is simply his
personal preference.  He says it is not as important in America, where
attire is more casual anyway, but in Europe, the light, comfortable
clothing is in contrast to the stuffy "constipated" clothing people
usually wear.  (Rael said that "constipated" is the word they use in

-- Rael will be apparently be speaking in Las Vegas on Thursday. The
flyer for the talk shows flying saucers hovering above a highway and

                        EXTRATERRESTRIAL HIGHWAY
                           IN AREA 51 WHY ??

                             THEY WANT AN

                 Conference Thurs. March 13. 7:00 PM
                           WHITNEY LIBRARY
                5175 E. Tropicana, (in the concert hall)
                 $7.00 adults, $4.00 seniors y students
                 For more info call 393.7300 or 456.4064

An inset shows Rael with the caption "I MET THEM !!"

(That is everything the full-page flyer says. My guess is that it was
written by a European whose English is only slightly better than their
Spanish, since the "." in the phone number is a European convention,
and "y" is Spanish for "and".  In fact, the Las Vegas representative
of the Raelians spoke with a French accent.)

It wasn't clear that Rael himself would be at the lecture, since he
said only that Donna Newman would be putting it on.  It also wasn't
clear if Rael himself knew anything about Area 51.

-- I asked Rael what the connection was between Area 51 and the
Raelian movement.  He launched into a discussion of calendars and how
he had proposed to the United Nations that a new calendar be created
starting with the Hiroshima blast.  That would make the current year

The other Raelians in the room realized he was answering the wrong
question and directed his attention to the flyer. What was the
connection between Area 51 and the Raelian movement? Rael said that if
there were UFOs at Area 51, then they are operated by the Elohim,
since they allow no other aliens to visit earth.  The reporter asked
Rael if he had any specific information about Area 51, and Rael said
he did not.  (I think it odd, then, that the Raelians should use it as
the only information on their flyer.)


There was more information given at the press conference, but these
are the main facts.  Rael's statements beg a lot of obvious questions,
but there wasn't time to ask them all.  I had nothing more to ask Rael
myself, since I knew that any answers he gave would just lead to more

Personally, I regard Rael as benign, preaching love and peace in a
low-pressure style.  He says that he is merely a messenger offering
information to those who chose to accept it. He says he has no
interest in arguing with the skeptics or convincing those who do not
believe. He also says that some 70% of his members came to his group
as young people who were involved with drugs and alcohol, and that
Raelian meditation has cured them.  I do not discount this.

As for whether the Israeli government will provide full diplomatic
privileges to an embassy for swastika-bearing spaceships -- only time
will tell.

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Glenn Campbell

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