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Norio Hayakawa interview on A-51, etc.

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 10:10:56 -0800
Subject: Norio Hayakawa interview on A-51, etc.

[From the "In Search Of" mailing list via]

I would like to share a conversation between my friend and UFO
researcher Mr. Norio Hayakawa and New Dawn International News Service.

New Dawn / ND
Norio / N


ND: Based on your research, do you believe the U.S. government is
experimenting with UFO-type crafts?

N: There is no doubt in my mind that the U.S. government has been
experimenting with the UFO-type crafts, for many many years. in fact, it
is my opinion that after WW 2, hundreds of German scientits and
engineers along with German intelligence specialists were brought in to
the U.S. many of those scientists, I believe, later became the pillars
of the U.S. space program, some overt and some covert. The overt
programs later developed into the present NASA projects. As far as the
covert programs were concerned, during the mid-fifties, some of the
scientits were probably transferred to remote test sites such as AREA 51
in Nevada. Area 51 ( or DREAMLAND ) is where I believe the U.S.
government has been testing disk-shaped crafts for many, many years.

Townsend Brown flying disc technology and its applications were
initially conducted at locations such as California's China lake Naval
Weapons Center and the then fledgiling test facility at AREA 51 in
Nevada. Those were the beginning days.

The Nevada facility probably was a small one. But it's a different world
right now, in AREA 51. Right now, the facility includes at least 1000
seperate buildings of all types, with probably more than 2500 employees
that work there on extremely compartmentalised projects, basically under
the auspices of Lockheed Corporation, along with other defense
contractors, such as E.G. and G.

ND: Is such experimentation linked to the push by an elite group of
global rulers to direct world affairs into the creation of the so-called

N: It is my opinion that an elite group of globalists has always
believed that the ultimate way to create some type of global unity was
to create an artificial "crisis". But the ultimate one is to create an
external threat from "outside" and the most convincing one will be an
"alien" threat from beyond earth.

To this end, I believe that we have been slowly been brain washed and
manipulated to believe in the existence of "extraterrestrial" entities.
Look at the proliferation of "alien"-related films and TV documentaries.
I think that this is all a part of the conditioning process that is
preparing us psychologically to accept the "alien" presence and
sensitise us to the "alien threat" in the very near future.

ND: Please explain to our readers the significance of AREA 51 (
DREAMLAND ) and its location?

N: AREA 51 is widely and interchangeably known as Groom Lake Test
Facility, or sometimes known as DREAMLAND. It is very difficult to
distinguish these names because, technically, groom Dry lake Facility is
considered to be part of AREA 51, which, along with the alleged Site 4
Complexes ( alleged to exist on the slope of the Papoose mountain
adjacent to Papoose Lake ), is said to be part of DREAMLAND.

This entire area is located on the northeast corner of a vast desert
stretch of land known as Nevada Test Site. However, the paticular area
in question has practically nothing to do with nuclear testing. It has
been the testing grounds in the past for such crafts as the U-2 Spy
Plane, SR-71, F-117A and recently, the alleged triangular TR-3A craft
and the alleged diamond-shaped Aurora craft. But those are just the
Black Projects.

Beneath the veil of secrecy, and under the cover of "Deep Black"
Projects, its my belief that they have been testing several types of
circular-wing aircraft including the typical metallic, disc-shaped
craft. the are, also known as the BOX, is located approximately 125
miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Its air space know as
R-4808E ( or sometimes known as R-4808N ) is restricted even to military
jets from Nellis Air Force Base on the outskirts of Las Vegas unless
special clearance recieved.

DREAMLAND is said to be an acronym for Data Repository Establishment And
Management LAND. In my estimation, this will be the center for future
satellite linkage system that will centralise all globa computer data
network system.

A devise known as Battle Engagement Area Simulator And Traker (
B.E.A.S.T )
developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and which will be
launched into orbit under the auspices of DARPA, will link all global
data network systems in the air.

It's my belief that the BEAST will be some type of a super computer
linking station launched into orbit in a few more years. In my video,
SECRETS OF DREAMLAND, I also bring up the possibilty of this super
computer linking station emitting hologramic images into the atmosphere
to control the "thinking" patterns of the populace at that time. It is
interesting to note that part of the multi-faced HAARP Project currently
installed and being tested in Gakona, Alaska, deals with converting part
of the ionosphere into some type of a condition that produces a
reflective "lense" - like effect, thus allowing the atmosphere to actas
a projection "screen" of sort.

It is my understanding that HAARP Project will be in full effect in the
year 1998. ( By the way, do you notice something strange about the year
1998? it is the year of triple 666. just divide 1998 by three and you
get 666. Is it part of symbolism for diabolical trinity? Also, 1998
"happens" to be the 50th anniversary of the founding of the State of
Israel in 1948. Is that pure coincidence? Just a thought.)

ND: Do you believe that the power elite that controls the U.S.
government would "stage" an alien invasion?

N: The power elite that controls the U.S. government ( I call it a
global "cabal" ), I believe, will stage some type of a fake
"extraterrestrial" event within the next few years in order to bring
about an implementation of the first stages of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

There is no doubt that the technology is here that would enable the
scientists and militarist to ingeniously stage such a fake event. Recent
movies such as "The Arrival" and "Independence Day" are conditioning us
and hyping us to accept such an outsid "threat".

ND: It is alleged that Laurence Rockefeller ( brother of David ) has
been funding research into "UFO/ALIEN encounters" What is your opinion?

N: I wouldn't be surprised if this were so. The Rockefeller Foundation
in North America and the Rothschild Financial Conglomerate in Europe are
an integral part of the entity known as the Bilderbergers. It is my
understanding that they have plans to establish the NEW WORLD ORDER by
the year 2002. In order to accomplish their goal, a total state of panic
has to be in effect to surrender the citizens' rights to a global
system. This, I believe, will be accomplished by staging a fake
extraterrestrial threat from yonder.

ND:  All the sacred scriptures of the world speak of astrological
phenomenon associated with heralding aperiod of turmoil. Do you see any
significance in occurrences like Uranus's entry into Aquarius this year,
and the MASSIVE Comet Hale-Bopp, expected to pass Earth in 1997?

N: I am not too knowledgeable on the comet Hale-Bopp nor n Uranus' entry
into Aquarius this year. What I am more concerned about is the gradual
surge of power output of the HAARP Project in Alaska within the next two
years that could bring about further aberrations in worldwide weather
paterns and the possible mind-control experiments using various radio
frequency waves directed on a segment of the population worldwide.

ND: What steps can the people take to prepare for the coming crises, and
not fall victim to manipulation by the power elites?

N: Our only protection that could possibly shield us from the coming
crises and manipulation by the power elites, I believe, will be a
Spirtual Shield.

We must "arm" ourselves SPIRTUALLY. I am not talking about SPIRTUALITY.
Being religious is not the same as being SPIRTUAL. I think time will
come when God will pour out his Holy Spirit to guide us in times of
Tribulation Period, which I believe is right at the doorsteps.

ND: Your well-publicised call for unity among te various U.S. citizen
militias captured the attention of the anti-New World Order forces
around the globe. Please tell us more about this initiative?

N: I had posted a call for unity among the various U.S. citizen
militias. We must get united now or we will all be swept by the coming
onslaught of the forces of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Although I believe that
the mainstream militia movement is a genuine wake-up call to resist the
comming New World Order, guns alone cannot stop the high technology that
will be used by the forces of the New World Order to subjugate us. We
must struggle and fight, yes, but only with conviction that

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