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Nothing Black at Nellis Air Show

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 07:49:09 -0800
Subject: Nothing Black at Nellis Air Show

Dear Comrades,

   OK... here goes, but first things first.  The USAF at all levels denies
the rumor that anything Black will be unveiled at the Nellis airshow.

    Second, there has never been and will never be an "Aurora" or TR-3A.  The
Aurora budget line item request for "a hypersonic air-breathing follow-on to
the SR-71" was nothing more than a cloak over Lockheed's non-winning stealth
bomber design.  One to three fast-movers were built during the past decade --
but they were way too expensive and missed their performance goals.  The
TR-3A designation makes no sense  since the TR or tactical reconnaissance
moniker is no longer used (the U-2 was briefly designated TR-1 then back to
U-2R/S).  The stumpy bat-wing craft that Douglas and myself have spotted is
out there, but who knows what it is, who built it and what it does
(strike/recon and Northrop-Grumman is a good guess).

    So if the USAF does unveil something it would most likely be something
out of the museum at Groom -- Tacit Blue is a good example of such a craft
(concept/technology demonstrator). If there is another ship to be shown, I
would suspect it would be in the stealth aircraft flyby (no static display)
-- and I would expect to see some new stealthy attack  craft probably in the
shape of a long black wedge with no vertical surfaces (like the ones I saw in
the Pahranagat Valley a couple years ago).

    My word to all you out there is to get hip with CURRENT aircraft
design and technology... not meaning to be rude, but when you talk of Auroras
and TR-3As it just sounds stupid.

    By the way -- check out next weeks Aviation Week and Space Technology.
 One of my recent aerial shots of A51 is featured (a not-so-dry Groom Lake)
plus I got a cover shot of an Alaska Airline 737-400 landing in the most
dangerous airport in North America... Juneau.

                                               Hombre X

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