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Orange Globes in Phoenix [2 msgs]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 08:02:30 -0800
Subject: Orange Globes in Phoenix [2 msgs]

From: (tim edwards)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports,alt.alien.research,alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Mass Sighting in Phoenix
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 03:40:25 GMT
Organization: ufos

This report just in from Tom King. Orange globes or large balls of
light have been videotaped and reported across Arizona since last
monday. At least 3 videos were taken last night between 8:00 to 10:00
pm and one shown on tv showing 6 in lined up in a row. Reports have
been fielded by one airline pilot but did not show up on radar. News
report 1000s of witnesses. It is already being called the most
documented mass sighting the last 10 years. Hovering very slow and 5
moving in a line Tom King of Phoenix also captured footage[estimate on
size of 30 feet minimum, flickering orange lights and moving in
formation, low altitude-1000 feet and 2 to 4 miles distance, no
visible structure] At least 1 news station, Tom and numerous other
people are doing a stakeout 4 miles south of Phoenix.The objects were
reported last night in Phoenix, Tuscon, and Prescott and other
locations. Objects were also witnessed by Bill Hamiliton. Extensive
media and press coverage is ongoing. Steven Greer is also in
Phoenix.This follows a trend of a tremendous esculation of orange
globes worldwide. I'm working on a followup of the Salida sighting
last Sat.


Date: Fri, 14 Mar 97 11:25:37 -0700
Subject: Re: Arizona Sightings
To: National UFO Reporting Center <>

Dear Peter,

Tom does not have a computer or e-mail address so I do most of
e-mail communicating for him.  Right now I am sending this
message from my work station.  My home e-mail is

Yesterday, on a tip from Joe Trainor who does UFO Roundup on the web, I
contacted a Steve Blonder who had sightings of the yellow-golden to
orange ligts over the Gila River Indian Reservation.  I called Tom King
who video tapes many anamolous aerial objects and together we arrived at
Steve's around 9 pm.  Many of his neighbors were milling around the
house as all of them had sighted these objects over the previous three
nights between 9pm and 10 pm.

Steve greeted us and told us that we were a little late as they
already had a sighting.  He showed us a video tape from his
Panasonic 8mm camcorder which showed the anamolous lights.  He
had some of this out of focus because he used "autofocus" instead
of manual for night taping.

He and his wife volunteered to show us from their viewing spot,
the second-floor balcony, where they were seeing the lights.  We
went to the balcony and took a look around.  You could easily
see air traffic on approach to Phoenix Skyharbor airport.  They
pointed to the southwest toward a group of low hills in the
direction of the reservation.  As they were showing us, one of
the glowing lights came on in the pointed-out direction.  Tom
immediately went to his car to get his camcorder and wide-field
telescope.  When he came back and set up, five of these lights
were now glowing brightly in the southwest.  They did not appear
to be the color of flares and were not conventional aircraft
lights.  Through the scope they appeared to be spherical.  Four
of these formed a horizontal line.  Tom videotaped this formation
for about five minutes until they went out one by one.

We left the house and went to the boundary street next to the
reservation to find a spot to stakeout tonight when we will return
with more videocams.  All of Steve's neighbors were very excited
when they saw these lights and no one had a conventional
explanation for them.  They told us that there was virtually
nothing over that area of the reservation.


Bill Hamilton

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