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Re: Nothing Black at Nellis Air Show

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 23:09:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Nothing Black at Nellis Air Show

Dan and others,

    The USAF non-statement of no surprises at the Nellis airshow is to be
taken with a grain of salt of course.

    As for the Aurora/stealth bomber money/Ben Rich gospel question:  Several
unsubstantiated reports from reputable sources indicate that Lockheed built a
sub-scale version of their stealth bomber design that later became the basis
for the cancelled replacement to the cancelled fast-mover SR-71 replacement
(the so-called Aurora -- probable code-name "HONEYDRIPPER")  and that
aircraft was called the "Q" (it was a UAV).

     While Northrop did draw-up the THAP -- that doesn't mean that provides
the proof that they built the Manta.  What is more telling is the stealth
aircraft industrial/manufacturing base Northrop had to build from scratch in
order to produce the B-2.

     Also, the full blown Tier 3 was never built and at one time was the "Q".
In addition the code name SENIOR CITIZEN was not the fast-mover but is most
likely a double-delta stealth V/STOL special forces transport (I spotted a
large dark shape corresponding to such a design three years ago near TTR).

     Your constructive criticism is noted and I agree that the Skunk Works
mailing list has higher-quality aircraft/weapon posting than this group...
despite that being said, most people reading and posting to this group would
do well to evaluate their Aurora/TR-3A belief systems.


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