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Phoenix UFO Flap Follow-up

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 10:22:50 -0800
Subject: Phoenix UFO Flap Follow-up

From: [Withheld by request]
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 9:03:00

A saturday newscast on KTVK-3 covered the UFO flap that occurred on
Thursday 3/13/97 with additional commentary from the local Air Force base,
Luke AFB. Luke AFB claimed that the sightings, which occurred over a
200-mile long swath over a duration of 40 minutes, were flares dropped
during training exercises. The local reporter told this to witnesses, and
got amused responses indicating the AFB didn't know what it was talking about.

There seem to two classes of sightings at this point: the three white lights
on a black triangle, and the isolated orange globes. I suspect the orange
globes reported over the Gila indian reservation may actually be flares,
as the Luke AFB training range is over land adjacent to the reservation.
That still doesn't explain the sightings elsewhere, however.

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