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Nellis Open House, General Info

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 18:45:34 -0800
Subject: Nellis Open House, General Info writes:

>Hey, since your in the Las Vegas/Nellis AFB area I was wondering if you could
>give me some quick information.  I am trying to get away from here in California
>to go see the air show but I need some information if you would kindly help me:

>1)  It is on April 25-26 a Friday and Saturday right.

Yes.  See Nellis site for details:

Two days of this stuff might be a massive O.D. unless you are a plane
nut.  Our group will be there only on Saturday.

>2)  Is it open to the public?

That's the point, being an open house.

>3)  Is there room to park at the base.

They are having people park at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with free shuttle
buses from there.  That's the last freeway exit on I-15 in Vegas. Follow the
crowds and probable signs.

>6)  Is this event going to fill up all of the Hotels in the area?

It might, but Vegas has had bigger events.

I suggest making reservations now at the Primadonna at the CA/NV
border (800-367-7383) or Nevada Landing in Jean (800-628-6682)

Camping is also a good option.  The weather should be right, and there is
plenty of empty land to camp in north of the base.

>P.S.  See you at the Air Show.

Not probable given expected crowd density.

BTW: A Tikaboo Peak hike is tentatively planned for the day
following (Sunday, 27th).  Everyone is invited.  For details, watch (Probably the usual plan, meeting around
9am on US-93.)


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