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"UFO Crash Recovery Unit" spotted on highway

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 08:18:17 -0800
Subject: "UFO Crash Recovery Unit" spotted on highway

So I'm cruising north on US-93 on Sunday (3/16/97) at 75 mph, when
three black four-wheel-drive vehicles pass me like I'm standing still.
Each of them seems new and each has a radar dish and a forest of
antennas on top, along with a yellow hazard light. They look very

On the back of each is a sign that reads "UFO CRASH RESPONSE UNIT."

It's pretty spooky, because someone has obviously laid out at lot of
money for those rigs, probably $75k+ for the vehicles, not including
the equipment.  Who has that kind of dough apart from the government
and Robert Bigelow?

I try to keep up with them, but its no use, they're doing 90 mph
straight into the evil heart of Lincoln County, where the cops don't
exactly welcome diversity, and I am not eager to follow them to Hell.

What exactly are those radar dishes and antennas supposed to pick up?
This is obviously some rich man's hobby, but whose?  It seems a little
hokey even for New Age philanthopist Bigelow, who has purchased a
ranch up north because cattle mutilations supposedly took place there.
He has the funds but no obvious desire for publicity.  His "UFO Crash
Response Unit" wouldn't be labelled as such.

The last black vehicle gave me a clue.  In addition to the sign on the
back, there was a small circular decal for the NOAA -- National
Oceanographic and Atmosheric Administration.

It clicked.  These were tornado busters with a sense of humor.

I recalled an article I had read in the Las Vegas Sun....

"Damn the tornadoes, full speed ahead! Weather or not, local couple
driven to chase storms"

It seems that amature tornado chasers were holding a convention in Las
Vegas, showing off their neat gear.  They would probably chase UFOs if
they could, but tornados are more predictable.

Damn!  Another illusion shattered.

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