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Re: Orange Globes

From: Grant Nieting 
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 07:09:30 -0800
Subject: Re: Orange Globes

There may be an easy explanation for the orange globes that are
regularly being seen.  Last night (3/17) on the Discovery channels show
Sci-Trek (Sci-Tek?) they had a show on called "Earth Lights" that
documented these type of lights all over the world for a very long

They are almost always associated with a seismic fault and are usually
the precusor to an earthquake (up to several years in advance).  The
earths electro-magnetic field rises up to 1,000 times normal during
these occurences.  They have observed many balls of different color and
size with random movement sometimes splitting or elongating.

I was distracted several times during the show and missed many of the
details.  When it is shown again it should be watched by those having
seen this phenomena.  They offer substantial scientific data and
evidence to back up this terrestrial event.

Definitely something I'd like to see.

Flares????  NOT!


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