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Re: Lights over Arizona [4 msgs]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:03:05 -0800
Subject: Re: Lights over Arizona [4 msgs]

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 22:00:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: aircraft over Arizona

    I was on my way from Flagstaff to Laughin Thursday when I saw the light
formation reported on the radio the other night. I'm a pilot and was in the
u.s. air force 4 years.  Being in the mountains on highway 40, the night was
clear and still. As the formation came towards me I stopped my car and got
out with my binocs to check out what this was.  As it came towards me, I saw
5 aircraft with there running lights (red and green) and the landing lights
(white) on. They were also flying fairly slow and in the delta formation. As
they went over me I could see stars going between the aircraft so
it could not have been one large ship. The flying was like that of the Blue
Angels or the thunderbirds demo team.  Also as they went buy their jets were
not very loud because of the low throttle setting for flying slow but I did
hear the jets as they went away towards the south.


Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 22:51:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: aircraft over Arizona

I talked to Linda Howe a little earlier today on the phone and she told
me what other people saw. Some sound a little different.  With smog and haze
and lights of a city or the direction of the aircraft when you see them could
make all the difference in the world. I do know aircraft and they were jets
but in the dark it's hard to see dark figures. I go to a lot of air shows and
next one I will check out their running lights and see if any match. These
where very bright and large.



From: (Steve Douglass)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 00:47:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Intercepts Net News: More Space Balls?

For what it is worth ...

>     from NACOMM -
>     source Tom King -
>Orange globes or large balls of light
>have been videotaped and reported across Arizona since last Monday. At
>least 3 videos were taken last night between 8:00 to 10:00 pm and one
>shown on TV had 6 lined up in a row. Reports have been fielded by one
>airline pilot but did not show up on radar. News report 1000s of
>witnesses. It is already being called the most documented mass sighting
>in the last 10 years.
>Hovering very slow and moving in a line, Tom King of Phoenix also
>captured footage [estimate on size of 30 feet minimum, flickering orange
>lights and moving in formation, low altitude-1000 feet and 2 to 4 miles
>distance, no visible structure]. At least 1 news station, Tom and
>numerous other people are doing a stakeout 4 miles south of Phoenix. The
>objects were reported last night in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott and other
>locations. Objects were also witnessed by Bill Hamilton. Extensive media
>and press coverage is ongoing. Steven Greer is also in Phoenix. This
>follows a trend of a tremendous escalation of orange globes worldwide.

Editor's Note: I have seen the video of the orange lights and although I am
no expert and wasn't there they looked like atmospheric reflections (
mirages) of sodium vapor street lamps.



Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 11:24:35 -0600 (CST)

I sent e-mail to the Air Force and they also told me that they didn't know
what I was talking about regarding the Arizona sightings!  I replied to
them be saying what I'm talking about isn't from this earth and if you
don't like it, too bad!

They are either in denial that something can penetrate their airspace or
they are just ordered to say they don't know.  I think it is a combination
of these two things.

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