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Let's Make Fun of Idiots

From: (Andrew W Martin)
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:48:17 -0800
Subject: Let's Make Fun of Idiots


That's right, boys and girls, it's time once again for your favorite game
and mine, Let's Make Fun Of Idiots!

>>On one of the last mailing lists this person brung up the Nellis Airshow and

I'm so glad he brug it up.  If he hadn't brug it up, who would have?

>>he said that their might be two black projects there the b-2 and f-22

Umm.....isn't a black project one that nobody knows about?  Um....the
B-2's are sort of operational, I think, and the F-22 is soon to be
(already has been?) put into production.

>>prototype. He left a URL for the official web page and I went there.

Hey!  An Official Black Projects Web Page!  It probably has links to the
What Really Happened at Roswell Homepage set up by our freinds at the

>>where I noticied that you could send Nellis AFB E-mail, so I decided to. I
>>said that since MJ-12 will probably tell truth on UFOs soon that they could

MJ-12??????  Who or what is MJ-12 and why would people listen to his
'truth' about UFOs??

>>help by showing us black projects so we would get used to aliens and their
>>technology. Any way I told them they should have the Black Manta and the

Blakc projects such as the B-2 and the F-22, I guess.  I knew they were
driven by tachyon pulse engines!  It also explains the plasma weapons
they're carrying!!  Oh, yeah....what's the Black Manta?  Sounds
suspiciously like an old computer game I saw once....

>>Aurora there or at least fly the Aurora over the air show and they responded
>>to me that THEY WOULD CONSIDER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did they really respond, or was it your alien freinds in the B-2

>>  X FILE1055

As to "X FILE1055": I smell bandwagon!

Ahhhh....sweet sarcasm.........

-The Dark Iz
"Wings on his heart, he's a Strange Bird."       -Jimmy Buffet

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