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From: Dave B 
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 13:15:55 -0600
Subject: E-systems

> At one time, E-systems was listed as owner of a "Janet" aircraft
>                                         Dave B (


    Raytheon E-Systems Awarded $40.8 Million Contract for ALE-50(V) Towed
                              Decoy Production

    GREENVILLE, Texas, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Air Force awarded
Raytheon E-Systems a $40.8 million contract to produce ALE-50 Expendable
Countermeasures Dispensing Systems.  Raytheon E-Systems will build more
than 1,000 decoys, 119 F-16 launcher controllers and 83 spare F-16
magazines at its Goleta, California operations.  This contract also
includes four multi-year options which, if exercised, would bring total
contract value to $493 million.
    The basic ALE-50 system consists of a launcher, a launcher controller
and the towed decoy.  The decoy protects the host aircraft against radar
guided missiles by providing a more attractive radar target and luring
them away from the aircraft to the decoy.
    Raytheon E-Systems vice president and Goleta general manager Jack L.
Gressingh said, "This award is a tribute to the entire ALE-50
Government/Contractor team which shared the common goal of getting the
best protective system available into the warfighter's hands as quickly as
possible."  He added, "Our team takes acquisition reform seriously.  We
sat down together with the Air Force, the Navy, the Defense Contract
Management Command and the Defense Contract Audit Agency and worked out
the entire procurement process.  This unprecedented cooperation shows we
can get our products where they are needed quickly and at the lowest
possible cost."
    Raytheon E-Systems is a worldwide developer and producer of
electronics systems and products in the areas of intelligence,
reconnaissance and surveillance systems, command and control, specialized
aircraft maintenance and modifications, guidance, navigation and control,
communications and data systems.
    Raytheon Company, (NYSE: RTN) headquartered in Lexington, Mass., is a
$12.3 billion international high technology company which operates in four
business areas: commercial and defense electronics, engineering and
construction, aircraft, and major appliances.

SOURCE  Raytheon E-Systems    -0-                        3/19/97
/CONTACT: Joe Curtis of Raytheon E-Systems, 903-457-9344, or 903-457-9391 fax/

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