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Response to Campbell's 3/11 Report on Rael

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 09:45:21 -0800
Subject: Response to Campbell's 3/11 Report on Rael

From: Novak Bajin <>
Subject: Cambell Rael report 97.3.11.
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 12:18:06 +0100

March 19, 1997

Dear Webmaster:

Re: " (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 21:38:22 -0800
Subject: Report on Rael Press Conference in Las Vegas, 3/11/97"

In reading your above named report and from what I know as a result of
my personal investigations into the subject matter, I wish to offer the
following comments to clear up any misunderstandings.

Mr. Campbell writes: "the symbol used by the group was a swastika inside
a Star of David -- the obvious source of some controversy. According to
Rael interviewed on the program, the symbol was meant to represent the
group's all-inclusive love." - The swastika symbol is several thousand
year old and can actually be found in old Jewish scriptures. Hitler did
not invent this symbol, he simply via his deeds brought severe negative
connotations to the swastika. The swastika in the Raelian (Elohim)
symbol represents 'infinity in time'.

Later Mr. Campbell writes:"- All communication between Rael and the
Elohim was verbal (not psychic).  I asked Rael about this twice to be
sure: All communication Rael has had with Elohim was in-person verbal
communication. (I didn't ask what language the communication took place
in....)". Somewhat later on the topic of the symbol and the change of
the swastika to the spiral in the new Raelian symbol Mr. Cambell
"According to an insert in Rael's book, the new symbol "has been in
effect since the beginning of April 1992" -- which I note is the same
time as the "Now It Can Be Told" Report. The swastika in the middle of
the Star of David has become stylized so that it is not longer
recognizable as a swastika. The change was made "with the Elohim's
consent," which is strange, since Rael claims no contact with them since
1975. This also leave a bit of inconsistency, since the emblem appeared
on the side of the Elohim ship when they first contacted Rael in 1973."
-- From my understanding, Rael says that he did not have physical
contact with Elohim, since his encouters i.e. 1973 and 1975, but he also
explains that meditation is like a cosmic internet, during which
telepathic communications and message transmissions occur. Rael is,
according to himself, in constant telepathic contact with Elohim.
Rael's request to change the swastika is obvious; since the majority of
people associate this symbol with the negativity of Hitler, it created a
thinking blockage in people and greatly interfered with the message Rael
has been trying to give to humanity.

Mr. Campbell says in another section of his report:"...Some of his
mispronunciations seem to me to be strategically placed, as though he
was using them to relax the room and give people an opportunity to
correct him." - This implies a manipulative capability rather than a
language barrier. PersonalLy, I speak five different language and the
knowledge of other languges helps me understand others better, who maybe
struggling to express themselves in a language in which they are not
100% proficient in. I have met Rael, and have heard him speak at least
on seven different occasions and I can assure you that Rael's ability to
express himself in French is far superior to his ability to express
himself in English. Any benefits Rael may have derived from his lack of
dexterity in the english language clearly were outweighed by the
misunderstandings that occurred as seen by Mr. Campbell's report
("grays" etc...).

Somewhat later Mr. Campbell writes: "A single being then approached him,
a small humanoid with large almond-shaped eyes. (When speaking, Rael
held his fingers in a circle around his own eyes to show the
configuration, apparently indicating a classic "gray" type alien.)"
  "(This seems to conflict with the description of the "7 races" and the
being with large almond-shaped eyes Rael met in 1973.)" -- This passage
seems to be a total misunderstanding on Mr. Campbell's part. Likely
either the result of Mr. Campbell's personal bias (what he expects
aliens to look like) or the result of misunderstanding due to the
language barrier.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage Mr. Campbell and all your
readers to check out Rael's web site <>
Rael is quite serious about being a messenger with an important message
for humanity and should not be thrown into the "abductee basket" with
others, claiming aliens ("grays") experimented with them etc.. Rael's
story is checkable and understandable via today's genetic advances, old
scriptures original Bible, Koran, etc., and recent archaelogical
discoveries, etc. The stories of "grays" etc. depicting a highly
advanced civilization who have to stoop to primitive experiments instead
of scanning from a distance insults any inquisitive thinker's
intelligence. It may be surprising for Mr. Campbell to find out that
there is highly trained inquisitive professionals, university
professors, doctors, physicists, PhD geneticists and engineers who take
Rael quite seriouosly as the results of their own investigations.

Sincerely yours,

E-mail <>

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