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Edwards AFB security?

From: "James R. Graham" 
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 97 13:05:16 -0700
Subject: Edwards AFB security?

Hi all,
In my web searches for AFFTC, I went to their homepage:

Under the selection, "Contractors/Associate Organizations" was the

Mr. D. Gerlach, Dean's Professional Security, (805)277-3714, Bldg 2860

It appears that Dean's Professional Security, a civilian entity, handles
some aspect of security at Edwards AFB. Since Edwards is a likely
candidate for control over A51, perhaps Dean's has some involvement as
well...or not.

Web searches (Metacrawler and Altavista) failed to find any other mention
of Dean's. I also looked up D. Gerlach at, but there were
too many, so I didn't bother going too in depth.

Has anyone heard anything of Dean's Professional Security?


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