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Test Evaluation Command and Control System

From: "James R. Graham" 
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 10:23:35 -0800
Subject: Test Evaluation Command and Control System

Hi all,
I was doing a Metacrawler search for AFFTC and found this:

TECCS stands for Test Evaluation Command and Control System which
"interfaces Surveillance Radars, Tracking Radars, local Cinetheodolite
cameras, and Global Positioning System (GPS) data
to the various distributed consoles, and generates many real-time flight
information and coordination displays as well as airborne vehicle,
satellite, and simulated trajectory
acquisition data for use by various range sensors including Radars,
Telemetry antennas, and Cinetheodolite cameras."

Some of their locations are:
1.Edwards AFB Flight Test Center - CA
               Ridley Mission Control Center
               NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
               Downfall/PIRA Bombing Range
               TSF - Technical Support Facility
               B1 Test Facility
      2.Utah Test and Training Range - UT
      3.Tonopah Test Range - NV
      4.China Lake Naval Weapons Center - CA
      5.Dugway Proving Grounds - UT

They have some pictures of the displays,  one of which:

shows how they see our favorite area. Nothing spectacular, but I thought
I'd pass it along.


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