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Comments on Dr. Michael Wolf

From: Trey Grant 
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 20:02:17 -0800
Subject: Comments on Dr. Michael Wolf

The only things that seem to link the three organizations Dr. Wolf
belongs to other than scinece is Education and Human rights. I looked
hard and found very little about him other than the interview with him
in the UK magazine and the review GC wrote about his book. Shadowy
character for someone who claims to be so prestegious.
This is about Dr. Wolf from
 "He is "Chancellor Emeritus of the New England Institute for Advanced
Research," a one-man (Wolf himself) institute whose purpose seems to be
to funnel DOD grant money to those working on Black Budget and other
DOD-funded projects. He admits to being terminally ill, and to writing
this book to set his own personal record straight. Researchers who have
tried to verify the details of his outer life have largely failed to
find any information regarding any of his claims (except that one
university did actually did get some grant money from the NEIFAS)."

This is his web page for his book "Catchers of Heaven: A Trilogy" Its at

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