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D.L. Sherman Government Cover-Up Book Delayed

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 17:32:46 -0800
Subject: D.L. Sherman Government Cover-Up Book Delayed

Claimed government insider D.L. Sherman seems to have run into a
glitch in his publishing plan.  A web site had been taking advanced
orders on his book. It claimed that 20 million copies would be
sold based on a "word-of-mouth" reward system that I had rudely
referred to as a "pyramid scheme."  Nonetheless, I sent in my order
with a check for $15.

In the mail today, the check was returned, along with the letter

(Even "30,000 advance copies" seems a tad high.  Knowing my own
internet book business, which logs enormous hits but only a relatively
tiny number of sales, I'd be surprised if even 100 went for this
complicated offer.)

Link page for Sherman:

-- Glenn Campbell

---------------------- text of letter ---------------------------

Word-of-Mouth Publishing (r)
10117 SE Sunnyside #F1152, Clackamas OR 97015  888-240-1825

March 16, 1997

Dear Reader,

Word-of-Mouth Publishing has recently been purchased by myself, D.L.
Sherman, the author of "Project Preserve Destiny; Insider Account of
an Alien Government Cover-up." Even though the company had sold over
30,000 advance copies of my book, I was unimpressed with their
marketing strategies. I initially attempted to buy only the publishing
rights back from WM Publishing. That proved difficult so to make a
long story short, I ended up buying the company

l wanted to send a letter to all the readers who have purchased an
advance copy of the book to let you know that it will be longer than I
had anticipated. I have run into a lot of legal obstacles which has
forced me to re-write a large portion of the book.

One of the agreements I had with WM Publishing was that they were to
NOT process any orders (i.e. cash your checks) until the release of
the book. Since I feel it is unfair to keep everyone waiting for as
long as you have, I am returning everyone's checks.

As soon as I have a finished product that is ready for release,
everyone who has already ordered the book will receive notification
that it has been released. At that time, you'll receive instructions
on how to order a copy.

I regret that everyone has waited this long for the book only to find
out it won't be released for awhile. I've always operated on the
belief that you must treat others as you'd like to be treated. This is
why I have returned everyone's checks.

Let it be known though, the book is well worth the wait. It is a true
story and nothing short of fascinating. I look forward to the time
when the world can finally know some of what I know.

Thank you for your patience and God bless!


[Undecipherable Signature]

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