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"Sno-cone" Object Sighting at Cannon AFB in 1993

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 20:34:59 -0800
Subject: "Sno-cone" Object Sighting at Cannon AFB in 1993

From: [Withheld by requst]
Subject: Cannon AFB
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 22:29:18 +0100

My name is Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, I'm in the US Airforce.  I just want to say
that I enjoy your site.  I also would like to say, I believe in objects
not of origin from this place.  I was stationed at Cannon AFB,New Mexico
for 3 years.  In that time I recall seeing at leat 3 UFO's.  One was
hovering over base housing, was in the shape of, don't know what else
to  call it but snow cone shape, was all silver, I remember it very
clearly.  It was on a Saturday, I was driving off base and saw it, at
that time a F-111E throttled up and took off, which was unusual for a
Saturday.  I flew right past the object and immediately landed, I
presumed it was one of the two alert aircraft.  The other two were just
smaller or more high altitude objects that were not clearly visible.

The time frame for the sighting at CAFB was around April-May [1993]
as I can remember it, not exactly sure, has been a while.  I remember
clearly that it was on a Saturday though.  I remember walking out to my
car and driving out to the main road that runs through CAFB.  Was a
clear day, a Saturday.  As I was driving twords the main gate I heard a
F-111F or F-111E throttling up, which I thought was odd for a Weekend.
At that time I looked over to north, over base housing(across highway
60-84) and noticed a silver looking object hovering in one place.  At
first I thought it was a weather balloon or maybe a hot air balloon, but
thought it was odd that it was silver.  As I was driving the F-111 took
off and circled out to the south-east, you could see it circling back to
the north like it was coming back to base.  The object didn't move any
during this time.  It looked like it was about 500 feet up or so.  At
this time I was nearing the front gate, I was apparent that the F-111
intended on doing a fly-by on the object.  When it passed, the object
seemed to be about as wide as the planes length.  The F-111 circled to
the south west and entered the landing pattern, and immediatly landed.
I was turning onto the highway at this time and lost sight of the
object, and never saw it again.

[He sent me a drawing showing an upright cone with a rounded top -- GC]

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