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"Unacknowledged" - CSETI Position Paper

From: "A.J. Craddock" 
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 22:17:56 -0800
Subject: "Unacknowledged" - CSETI Position Paper

The following is a brief excerpt from a just released paper
"Unacknowledged" written by Dr. Steven Greer, Director of CSETI.

The complete paper can be found on CSETI's Website.

Tony Craddock
CSETI Web Administrator


"........Major bases of operations, apart from widely diversified private
sites, include Edwards Air Force Base in California, Nellis Air
Force Base in Nevada, particularly S4 and adjacent facilities, Los
Alamos New Mexico, Fort Huachuca Arizona (Army Intelligence
Headquarters), the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, and a relatively
new, expanding underground facility accessible only by air in a
remote area of Utah, among others.

Additional facilities and
operations centers exist in a number of other countries, including
the United Kingdom, Australia, and Russia. Numerous agencies
have deep cover, black, USAPS related units involved with these
operations, including the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO),
the National Security Agency (NSA), the CIA, the Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Air Force Office of Special
Investigations (AFOSI), Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Air
Force Intelligence, the FBI, and others.  An even more extensive
list of private, civilian and corporate entities have significant
involvement.  The majority of scientific, technical and advanced
technology operations are centered in the civilian industrial and
research firms. Significant - and lethal - security is provided by
private contractors.

The majority of personnel as well as the leadership of most if not
all of these agencies and private groups are uninvolved and
unaware of these compartmentalized, unacknowledged operations.
For this reason, sweeping accusations related to any particular
agency or corporate entity are wholly unwarranted. 'Plausible
deniability ' exists at many levels.  Moreover, specialization and
compartmentalization allows a number of operations to exist
without those involved knowing that their task is related to the
UFO/ET subject. .........."


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