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San Diego Cult Death - Their Homepage

From: AE Stewart 
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 06:53:18 -0800
Subject: San Diego Cult Death - Their Homepage

By the time you all wake up, this URL should be all over the place (it's
9.30 am here in Ireland).

A second URL for is registered but the
server returns no information. InterDIC (since implementing their seven
dirty words policy that's what I call them) listing shows who owns the
URL - but it may be wholly unrelated.

Turns out there was a very big connection to UFOs with this group who
committed mass suicide. Not only did they worship the form of the
"greys" they apparently shaved their heads in order to look more like

The news is reporting various conflicting theories as to what the
group... "WW Higher Source"... Actually believed. Apparently Higher
Source was the name of their web publishing group. Reports are filtering
in that they believed that Hale Bopp was a spaceship, that they were all
angels born in the midwest of america, a so called coming "cleansing of
the atmosphere", and a need for them to unite their spirits with the
travelling starship Hale Bopp.

Their leader, whose name I can't recall but who's getting a lot of CNN
airplay, had been involved in other attempts to start cults in the early
70's, not having anything to do with abduction or aliens. I just saw a
clip of him from the 70's discussing his ability to rise from the dead
three days after he dies - wholly unrelated to the spiel he sold to
those 39 dead webpage programmers.

The Pynchonian twists to the abductee/UFO phenomena continue. Now,
finally, the shift has occured: it has been reconstructed to match a
fully blown religion for some, with the deadly effects of the absence of
reason. More millenial cults who transpose their need for a religion
filled with metaphors to match our current technology are coming soon,
no doubt.

Eerily enough, you can still join the group via email. I wish I could be
as objective as Glenn, but I wouldn't recommend it as of now.

The Republic of Wireland
"Dial 888... The desire to watch television no matter what's on"

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