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Articles on V/STOL C-130 after Desert One?

From: "Dolney, Al" 
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 15:31:46 -0600
Subject: Articles on V/STOL C-130 after Desert One?

Several weeks ago, the major news networks aired the unveiling of secret
project that was conceived and executed right after the failure of
Iranian hostage rescue, Desert One.

The project consisted of a heavily modified C-130 that added rockets to
the fuselage for very short take-off and landings.  The purpose was to
land in a Tehren stadium, pick up the hostages and Delta Team rescuers
and take off again.  The film clip showed a test, but did not state
where it took place, but appeared to be the American SW.  The plane
crashed on one of it first test flights and the hostages were released
after Reagan took office and the project was terminated soon after
(according to the news).

The funny thing is, I have seen no print articles on this development
project, kept secret for over 17 years, even in Aviation Leak and Space

I find this news interesting, since it might have been the genesis for a
very large, stealthy V/STOL design known as "Senior Citizen" that was
possibly developed and/or produced by Boeing.

If anyone has seen any articles, please help!


Al Dolney
Huntsville, Al

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