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Secret Entrances to Area 51?

From: "sandra cottom" 
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 06:59:16 -0800
Subject: Secret Entrances to Area 51?

        Well, this is a believe it or not story.....   I was talkin to one of my
friends who lives in Las Vegas and he was telling me about how his dad was
hired to go do some electrical work at Area 51.  He told me that his dad
was taken out into the desert with about 12 other guys in a couple of
hum-vees and left there.  They sat around for about 15 mins or so,
wondering when they were gonna come back out and pick em up.  at about that
time he said a big door opened up from the ground and about 10 "guards"
escorted them down a long tunnel to an underground rail system and then
they proceeded on to Area 51.  He says that you couldn't tell that there
was even an entrance to this rail system unless you were probably looking
really hard.

I guess its a believe it or not type story, I'm not so sure I believe it,
but I thought I'd just pass it on to you.  If you've heard anything
similar, let me know, so I'll know if hes just making up some stupid story.

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