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Underground facility at Vint Hill, VA?

From: (Bob Huff)
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 21:17:48 -0800
Subject: Underground facility at Vint Hill, VA?

Re: Secret Entrances to Area 51?

I have different yet similar story from an impeccable source.

During thr early 60's he maintained computer HW for his companyís
military customers. On one occasion he was called out to Vint Hill.
(Vint Hill was one the gov't first SIGNIT field stations, established
during WWII, and is located outside of Warrentown, VA.) He was driven
out to the middle of an 'empty' field. As he and escorted waited a
pie-shaped piece of earth suddenly opened.  He descended down a flight
of steps into some kind of operations room.

He was very impressed.


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