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"Great Drives" visits Groom Lake

From: Chuck Penson 
Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 14:21:46 -0600
Subject: "Great Drives" visits Groom Lake

I happened to be watching our local PBS channel last night (5-1) and
caught an episode of a series called "Great Drives". This great drive
was along the entire length of US Highway 93. The host, driving a Jeep
Wrangler, made a quick side trip to Area 51, stopping at the Black
Mailbox and the Inn. Brief chat with Pat and whatshisname.

Chuck Penson
612.221.4510 voice
612.224.5092 fax

After having used the Web for a couple of years now I am convinced that
lots of information isn't always better than no information at all.

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