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The Edwards AFB Non_Event of 9-1-67

From: (Jan Aldrich)
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 09:42:35 -0700
Subject: The Edwards AFB Non_Event of 9-1-67


    JUST CAUSE #50*, just published, has an article, "The
Edwards AFB Non-Event of 9-1-67" about the denial of a
military UFO case at Edward Air Force Base on
1 September 1967.  Such a denial is not unusual in a UFO
case.  What makes this incident so unusual is the level of
non-cooperation by Edwards AFB personnel with the Air Force
contracted Scientific UFO Study at the University of Colorado,
commonly called the Condon Committee.  The Condon Committee's
report did not mention this incident, or their problems with
the Air Force in this case.

    The Condon Committee was susposed to have access to all
UFO information the Air Force had.  During its tenure
Air Force personnel were required by regulation to submitted
cases to the Condon Committee.  The article details the Condon
Committee's [ineffective] attempts to learn about a UFO incident
at Edwards Air Force Base which at first was thought to involve
the X-15 Aircraft with a sighting and filming of six UFOs on
1 September 1967.  Security personnel at first confirmed such
an incident had happened to a scientist at the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory, but the X-15 was not involved as it did not fly on
that date.  The sighting was said to involve pilots and tower
personnel and perhaps ground crew.

    Although Air Force Regulation 80-17 had been modified
to require any Air Force UFO reports to go to the Condon
Committee, officials at Edwards stonewalled and finally denied
that anything had happened.

    There are other examples where information was denied to
the Condon Committee by Air Force officials, and the Committee
staff made no attempt remove these roadblocks by going to the
project liaison officer Col Hippler.

*JUST CAUSE is published quarterly by the Citizen Against
UFO Security (CAUS, P. O. Box 176, Stoneham, MA 02180,
Rates:  $15 US, $20 Foreign.), Barry Greenwood, editor.
JUST CAUSE is a newsletter which continuely updates the
book THE UFO COVER UP (previously titled CLEAR INTENT)
By Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood.

 Jan Aldrich
 Project 1947

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